The Mexican/ New York based quartet offers an alluring perspective into modern electronic composition, a conglomeration of it’s members backgrounds and interests like drummer Victor de la Garza’s jazz studies and multi-instrumentalist Rafael Durand digging into music coding languages and modern synthesis. Guitarist Daniel Avila and singer Sebastián Garrido both have studies in sound engineering adding up an ingenious sonic experience.

Started in 2014 as a three-piece band and released ‘Got love’. In 2015, Avila joined Frege and the group released ‘Bend’. A sophisticated and energetic four song Ep. ‘Stilfs’ — the first single from the group’s upcoming debut album— is musically dense textured and warm. Lyrically the song is an abstract homage to Paul Thomas Anderson’s film Magnolia.

‘Stilfs’ music video was filmed in the woods near CDMX as a collaboration between fellow artists Púrpura de Tiro and dancer Natalia Gomez.

Frege is releasing a new LP recorded at El Desierto in CDMX produced and mixed by them.


Brandon Hall
Webster Hall

June, 2016

Amy Oliver
The Paper Box

September, 2015