Utilizing abnormal time signatures and coded beat sequences, the band effortlessly crates an alternative, electronic sound with a psychedelic pop sensibility. Their most recent EP, Got Love, is an intricate, yet inviting composition. Frege’s spontaneity and innovation is apparent on Got Love. The evolving time signatures leave you wondering how the track will end, yet as the beat develops, the songs leaves you wanting more.

The Deli Magazine

Named after German philosopher Friederich Ludwig Gotlob Frege, Brooklyn by way of Mexico City by way of Saturn band Frege explores the mathematics of funk. This live electro-soul quartet brings some fantastic stutter in your groove. Their unprecedented menas of generating ambience gives the impression of dancing in a black hole.

Gordon Raphael

General director at Shoplifter Records & producer of The Strokes, Regina Spektor, Blonde Redhead

I, personally like some adventure in my music; you know, new ideas, interesting sounds, brand new rhythms, killer lyrics and powerful singing. FREGE for sure has that stuff, and a lot more in all the songs I have heard from them. Their song, “Not Done Here” is my favorite Frege’s song so far and the first time I heard it, I had to ask them tons of questions on exactly HOW the hell they created it! I just loved the project and their talent to give life to it.


Su sonido no es envolvente, es incitador; nos invita a bailar (pero no convencionalmente), a disfrutar y cantar junto con ellos. Provocan la emoción electrónica en todo el sentido de la palabra, sus presentaciones en vivo tienen visuales generativos que están programados en conjunto con la música. Verlos en vivo es toda una experiencia, son simultáneamente potentes y abstractos.